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in one day? and that means nobody else can come on your show. >> is an honor. i think mitt romney botched a lot. not miserably but 1/2 fined two benghazi? once again disappeared. the drones? the perfect opportunity to say not only do i support them but mr. president a drone was videotaping every single second building up in benghazi you did nothing. iran, al qaeda, what was going on? >> i think he gave a strong performance. the cheap shots it is not presidential to accuse people not to know about the aircraft carriers. neil: they were big in their day. >> but first who came up with the line of sequestration to have the smallest navy sends 14 and army and air force? the secretary of defense said that. neil: golden moment lost. >> when the president made fun of matte romney. the president said no sequestration? how you do that? we have been begging him to sit down with us. neil: how would he know? >> he is not a dictator. it requires the agreement of congress. >> it will be kicking in the first day january. why did romney respond? >> i have been traveling with lindsey graham to the places
night football. but with exchanges like these between governor romney and the commander-in-chief the third and final debate could crash the pastime and the nfl at the same time. >> the 1980 s are calling to ask for their foreign policy back. the cold war has been over 20 years. coming to foreign policy 12 the policies of the 1980. >> is the middle east to reject the terrorism lear seeing with the rising tide of tumult and attacking me is not an agenda. >> but to execute foreign policy every time you offer an opinion you are wrong. >> russia is a geopolitical foe. excuse me. geopolitical. in the same paragraph i said i ran is the greatest national security threat we face. >> mr. romney needs to look at how the military works. you mentioned the navy, fewer ships and 1916. we also have fewer horses and bayonets. the nature has changed. we have aircraft carriers where planes land on them. ships to wonder water. nuclear submarines. it is not kadima of battleship. >> the navy said they needed 313 ships. we are at 285. many be requested more. >> the sequester is something congr
mitt romney hopes to make history. if he does, it won't be his if the governor goes on to win, he could go back to the very city that coordinated barack obama in 2008. a city never get a second chance to make a first impression. when everything is said and done about these debates, such will be sent to the first debate, the debate in denver that created a stir. and for mitt romney, momentum. the debate to prove that he is to be seen as presidential. that moment to make a good first impression because life really affords you a second opportunity. that was the chance that romney needed. despite less than convincing follow-up performances, maybe the rest does not matter. that was the debate about voters thinking that mitt romney was just as likable and capable and may be just as ready. maybe, just maybe, that was the debate that made mitt romney the possible president. we will know in two weeks. here is what we know now. romney is as competitive as he is, because what he did in denver. that may very well have been the debate but did matter. two weeks out, until these very close elections.
profanity to directly install -- install governor mitt romney in a magazine interview. the article published days after the president martin patronizes republican opponent in the presidential debate. the president's public behavior, a departure from history as well as ability. the president's critics call his conduct not only disrespectful to his opponent but to the office he holds. we will take all of that up tonight, talking with two leading psychologists, doctors ludwig and guard derrick as we all try to better understand the pressures that the president is under and what he's thinking. also tonight, cbs and 60 minutes inexplicably buried the lead in its interview with president obama that it aireddlast month. cbs releasing a portion of the interview in which president obama talked about benghazi, and he made it clear that the internet video had not occurred to the administration in the first 24 hours as a reason for that attack. why did 60 minutes cut the president's statement? former un ambassador john bolton will be here, and we will discuss, among many other things, that very issue. t
the presidential election, governor romney is maintaining his slight lead in the national polls over president obama. the republican nominee has moved above 50% in key polls, maintaining that level with just over two weeks from election day. and that is historically a strong indicator of victory in november. the polls turned positive for governor romney quickly after the first debate and have strengthened since. that after the candidates had been in a virtual tie nationally for months with a slight edge to the president. will those strengthening national polls with polls narrowing in battleground states as well and the governor's favorability ratings also moving that combined make it fair to ask whether it's too early to can ask the question, as the third debate is looming this coming mondayay, has america already decided? let's take a look at where these candidates and their campaigns stand tonight. the gallup national survey of likely voters shows governor romney with a six-point lead over president obama. this poll was tied at 48% as recently as the 9th of this month. a rasmussen reports po
stuart: romney still has the momentum. polls confirm a swing away from the president. headline from the nbc wall street journal poll, did he, 47-47 among likely voters. the president at five point lead in the same poll a month ago. gallup shows romney with a clear lead. rasmussen will have its latest numbers in 20 minutes. october surprise, saturday the new york times headlines, possible face-to-face talks with iran. the markets this monday morning shrunk. it is dismissed as october surprise one of the. the final debate is tonight. if romney keeps the momentum he is the next president. we have not forgotten the markets. a very small bounce for stocks, gold and oil just ahead. "varney and company" is about to begin. stuart: caterpillar is one of the stocks used as an economic indicator. makes construction equipment, sometimes reflects the state of the world economy. caterpillar's profits are up 50% strong sales and the u.s.. the rest of the world weaker than expected, and changed the opening bell. turn to the election. two weeks from tomorrow look at the latest polls. they are t
stand tonight. the gallup national survey of likely voters shows governor romney with a six-point lead over president obama. this pol was tied at 48% as recently as the 9th of this month. a rasmussen reportspoll of 11 swing states has governor romney up 49% to 47%. president obamaosing his six-point octoberr4th lead in the process. the favorability rating showing a candidate in governor romney who is now likable to a majority of american voters. the pew research center showing governor romney's favorable rating at 50% to the president's 49. a stunning turn around from march when the president's rating was nearly twice that of governor romney's. brand new fox poll in the important baleground state of florida s romney outpacing the president 55% to 51% in the favooables. the gallup favorability poll has the republican nominee on topas well. mr. romney beating the president 52-51%1% incredibly, the left-leaning public policy stitute giving governor romney the biggest lead in likability. the governor up three percentage points on thpresident in that, in tt poll which is co-sponsored bythe
policy, but romney turned it back to the economy. you can't be strong overseas he says when your economy is weak at home. so again, who won? the polls say obama, many of our guests say romney on image. we also have news coming from apple, that stock is going down this morning. and the energy drink business reels as the fda checks monster, oil, gold and especially stocks, all of them way down today. now, is that politics or profits? oh, and italy sends scientists to jail, they can't warn about an earthquake. oh, "varney & company" is about to begin. ether he's climbing everest, scuba diving the eat barrier reef with sharks, or jumping into the marke he goes with people he trusts, which is why he trades with a company that doesn't nickel and dime him with hidden fees. so he can worry about other things, like what the market is doing and being ready, no matter what happens, which isn't rocket science. t's just common sense, from td ameritrade. ♪ [ male announcer ] it was designed to escape the ordinary. it feels like it can escape gravity. ♪ the 2013 c-class coupe. ♪ starting at $37,8
at the libya response from governor romney, other responses by president obama, they need short, concise, be powerful. this is, in fact, the last venue to do something like this just two weeks before the election. neil: finally, the pressure, i think, disproportionally on the president because it's his strength. if there's a rubber mat, he's the guy with the advantage because he's dominating these headlines and events, or did i jump the gun a little bit? >> well, when you look add what happened at the first debate, voters realized he was not the mitt romney the democrats were portraying creating this sense or movement or the swing in the polls that although president obama had a much better debate in the second debate than the first one, that didn't move polls back. there's a sense of romney momentum, and that's something the president has to stop, especially in the last couple weeks. neil: we'll watch closely. after all the handlers are there, sometimes getting there 15-20 # minutes before the debate is done. this is it, final exchange of the candidates of 2012. wrapping up then three p
that aren't likely to slow governor romney's momentum. national polls show him searching. we take all of that up here tonight and what we can expect in the final presidential debate talking with our distinguished guest tonight, former new hampshire governor and romney advisor, editor-in-chief of gallup polling, three of the leading strategists and smart campaigners ed rollins among our guest. her first guest says the obama administration former policy in shambles after the debate says the president needs to defend himself on the lies he has told concerning benghazi. joining us in boca raton, florida, former new hampshire governor and white house chief of staff for president george h. abbey of bush. good to see you. happy monday. this is a nightly cover has to be doing very well indeed. how do you think he is doing tonight? >> the president obviously is the favorite, he is the president, he gets all the briefings. he doesn't take all o these briefings, but he gets all of his briefings. governor romney is going to do a good job demonstrating he understands these complicated issues and m
'm not going to predict a recession next year. stuart: okay, plow horse continues under obama. 2%. yet, romney wins. >> or worse, and romney wins and we get tax reform, lower tax rates and fewer deductions and then what? >> i think if we can cut government spending, that's one of the key things, even tax reform's not enough. we have to cut the size of government. i think romney and ryan will do that and tax reform, we can accelerate and we can be growing at 4% within a couple of years. the unemployment rate will be coming down. one key thing here, i believe there's 3 to 5% of gdp that's being held back right now, businesses are holding back because of uncertainty. if romney wins, that gets unleashed and i think the economy accelerates. >> all right, brian, we hear you loud and clear with 11 days to go. and tech stocks, we're 11 days away from the election, mitt romney has seized the moments tum, looking at the polls. are we reading that right? has he indeed seized the momentum. is the president really on the ropes? we're following that, too. a triple digit loss for the dow, it looked that way
and governor romney crisscrossing the nation, hitting important swing states that could decide this election. an election is now 13 days away. president obama campaigning in iowa, colorado, and nevada. mr. obama continues to focus efforts on iowa and. governor romney focusing on iowa and nevada today. a smaller crowd turning out in reno, after the governor had spoken to a massive gathering in red rock, colorado. as the two-man battle for the presidencypresidency, there are new developments that could determine the outcome of this presidential election. and it would certainly raise new troubling questions about whether americans and then pass and then dossey could've been could'v. lou: not only was there live video and audio, but e-mails from libya that described the attacks of terrorists who carry them out in the white house situation room was informed as the 6.5 hour long incident unfolded. e-mails connect. the top-notch security officials are connected directly with the controversial event. white house national security adviser tom donnelly, the director of national intelligence, james cla
blueprint fr americ welcome to willis report. gerri: i'm jerry wlis, president ama and mitt romney back on the campaign trail where president is blasting romney's foreign policy, wrong and reckless but, one republican senator said it is obama's foreign aid that nee to be looked at. rand paul of kentucky with more, welcome back, so, you have been talkin about foreign aid for a long time, now you put your money where your mouth it, tell us about the ads. >> we're running ads in west virginia, ohio, florida, missouri, and we're contemplatingoing into montana and pennsylvania next. letting people know that their senator continue toote to send aid to countries that are burning our flag and not protecng our embassy, i think that most americans would be appalled to know this. gerri: it is not chump change, pakistan $2 .1 billion, egypt $ 1.6, libya 13.1. should we yank the money from the countries and what is the bases for deciding who gs aid. >> a story today the president of egypt saying amen to annihilating the jews, i do not see giving money to people whose policy is anile latin annihilat,
and romney forces are saying it is foreign policy debate they will work like crazy how this economic abyss -pthreatens our national security. watch creative ways they bring all of this into that. by the way, mitt romney is breaking out his swing state secret weapon and his name is paul, rand paul. the senator hitting the road for romney but before he does he stops by here first. don't laugh, romney's entire campaign could get a jolt because of this. >> people seem to be very curious as to how we prepare for the debates. let me tell you what i do. first, refrain from alcohol for 65 years before the debate. [laughter] second, find the biggest available view men and mercilessly attack it. big bird didn't even see it coming. [laughter] the first time... to investing with knowledge. the potential of td ameritrade unlocked. nyse euronext. unlocking the world's potential. to a world of super-connected intelligence. the potential of freescale unlocked. nyse euronext. unlocking the world's potential. oh, hey alex. ju picking up some, brochures, posters copies of my acceptance speech. great! it's al
are tightening. governor romney makes a speech in iowa as the president has another version of the old plan with better pictures. is the president's definition of fair a reflection of comprehensive enterprise? we began with the benghazi controversy. the explanation does not stand up to what we're learning today. fox news has learned cia operatives have a laser target pinpointing the libyan border team attacking the cia and expert but there was no counterstrike. our men were abandoned. joining us now is john bolton. also cia operative michael scheuer. good to have you both here. >> if i may. lou: why and the world are we not able to get a straight answer over seven weeks about what happened to, why? who was responsible and why is the national media seen at -- seem nothing to be anything but lapdog sat? >> why can't we get a straight answer? the story keeps shifting the administrations does not want to own up to the fundamental problem to deny reality. according to them outside is to be dumb -- defeated dumb -- defeated, copies removal was a triumph. that would require them to a bit they misj
it almost has will feel of a postdebate. predebate, a lot of advocates for mitt romney and barack obama, were out in force, singing their candidate's praises, sometimes lowering expectations, they are apt to do then afterwards they are heroes, you know how it goes it is part of pot ses a dead even race, this is florida, this is for 29 eelectric rall roll votes, righw the trend of late is mitt romney's friend. marco rubio, find senator from the fine state, to show you how popular rubio is, i somehow mistake this with fans of mine. but he is is always here early and prompt, that make you stan out among your colleagues. he made the mistake of showing up early, not good, he was deluged but police and gracious -- poly the and gracious. >> my favorite question can you react to the debate, pretend the debat has happened. i am a cyc-- i am not a psychic. neil: what did you think? >> romney did great. neil: the argument is more on the president. because this is his strength, foreign policy, right? not mitt romney. do you agree? >> i don't. i think that the president is an experienced debater, o
and senior adviser to the romney campaign. good to have you here, governor. appreciate your time. if the stock about the economy. i'm sorry? >> happy thursday. gerri: said the thursday to you as well. let's talk about the economy. i read this plan, and four of the president's top five points are points that governor romney made in his five. plant. it almost picks up the language verbatim. why should we believe the president is committed to this plan when the economy, we have seen no results. >> well, you should not. he made promises in 2008 the csi kept. he was going to have the deficit and the double that. he increased the debt by about $5 trillion. the key issue for voters today is to look forward. not backward. and we have to understand that it needs the right kind of. if i might have would like to suggest that there was a very important endorsement today by the detroit news. the of the capital of the world in detroit, and they endorsed mitt romney. although they said they preferred the obama bankruptcy bailout plan to run these, they pointed to the future. and they pointed ou
. it was a fundamental decision that was me by george bush. neil: that mitt romney was against that. anyway, we got the structured bankruptcy. the only difference was we h a lot of taxpayes spending a lot of money to get that. but they're apparently does not seem to be nearly the ill will towards mitt romney because of that. why is that? >> well, i think there is a basic understanding that mitt romney had been president, he would have done what was necessary. but we did not have an industrial armageddon. an industrial lehman brohers type of thing. >> do think as president he would have done this? >> yes, he would have. maybe different access would've been different. but i do think he would have stepped in and bridge the gap. with romney on this issue, the last two or three yearof intensive discussion, maybe he would have done it a bit differently. but he would not have left that prices. he would not let that sweet be industry away the one what about what is going o in the midwestern states. a lot of the manufacturing states. why is that? and wise men from the doing as well as he is? it does go agai
that caught romney in trouble was telling donors that 47% of americans are takers, not makers. >> who believe they are entitled to health care, food, housing, you name it. that's an entitlement, government should give it, and they vote for this president no matter what. john: he took heat for that. how would you have handled that? >> well, in th instance, i think he could have explained it better. i think in those situations you take a crisis -- what could seem like a crisis, a video like that leaked, turn it into an opportunity. let presidt obama attack first, and then use that as a chance to explain myself sing, you know what? those 47% deserve an opportunity. there's more checks out the door than jobs created. i want to represent the 47% and make sure they have a chance, and i will work for them. that's what you do. you spin obama's policieswhich are more checks, more dependents, and say,isten, that's a shame. that's a shame they get a check. no onements to get a check from the government. it doesn't feel good. opportunity feels better. that's what i do for the 47%. john: i thought he was
state florida in the mitt romney column. a new "fox news poll" showing the romney ryan ticket pulling ahead of obama-biden in florida, t biggest bateground state. the "orlando sentinel" today, central florida's biggest paper endorsing the gop challenger despite supporting obama in 28. is florida a done deal for mitt? let's ask. byron york, chief political correspondent for the "washington examiner". doug holtz-eakin,merican action forum and steven sigman, senior vice president for global strategy group. steven what i will start with you, what happenedo your candidate's big mo? >> look at a poll every two minutes you see sething different. melissa: there i momentum here. there is a trend here. >> i actually don't think that's right. i think the trend at the end this week, ifanything is ind back to the presidt. but much more important --. melissa: what poll would that be? >> the poll of the "rasmussen poll" today, the ipsos poll today, the marist, "wall street journal" polls in wa and wiscons show the president up by six and five points and 18 among women. the polls are going all ov the
it desperation. the president's campaign sees the polls, they know mitt romney is gaining momentum and they're trying to do something to turn it around. and look at the headline in the washington post, obama to renew grand bargain push on budget. so now he says he will try to reach a deal with the republicans to cut the deficit. earlier this week, the president released his 20-page pamphlet on the agenda for the second term. all of this looks very last minute. why did it take so long? perhaps the most telling number today the latest poll from rasmussen, people were asked if the united states is headed in the right direction or the wrong direction. >> 37% said, only 37% said the right direction. and that's still kind of high at the end of last year the number was below 20%, still, that poll is not good news for the president. and what do you think? are we headed in the right direction? do you think a grand bargain could be reached in the first six months of a second obama term? check out our facebook page, weigh in on that question, please. and here is the story that a lot of country is watc
. president obama and mitt romney are neck-and-neck in the polls. how can they use tonight to score a photo finish win? "money" has the top three things to watch for. >>> plus a tumbling gas prices accelerate but is the relief here already getting isn't enough, another 50 cent per gallon fall could be just around the corner. we've got the details. >>> and, a new, new jersey brawl over sports setting. the heads of the ncaa and professional sports leagues stuck into a lawsuit just to keep you from betting in your fan at this football leagues. governor chris christie is ready to save the day for supporters. we'll explain. even when they say it's not it is always about "money" sandra: first, look's look at today's headlines. stocks recovered from deep losses. caterpillar sparked more jitters over corporate earnings. after dropping 108 points the dow clawed its way back to close up 2 points. >> shares of monster beverage getting mauled. the family of a 14-year-old girl is suing the company alleging her daughter died after drinking two cans of energy drink. it follows a report by the fda associat
was leading by 15 points but now it has all but disappeared. the challenge is for mitt romney to take advantage of the president's weakness. tonight we have jason chaffetz of utah. great to have you. governor romney, we are fascinated by what he will lay out. what will he say? >> we will talk about china and the economic impact. when we deficit spend $3 billion per day, there's the economic impact. mitt romney has a stronger vision. dealing with china, making ourselves more globally competitive also libya libya, israel, syria, iran and the explosion of terrorism we have seen recently. i look forward to the discussion on china. gerri: net romney famously said he would take a survey of all the departments in the federal government any fed did not have an obvious reason for being he does not want to borrow money from china to pay for the agency. moving on, real concerns about libya. the president, the administration might have known and not tell the american people. gerri: net romney was criticczed for not hitting that hard enough last time. >> for mitt romney to talk about his vision fo
for mitt romney? a lot of people do? >> in florida, i think something is going on in florida and workiig in mitt romney's favor now. no doubt about it. he seems to be moving ahead. this is not a big sign of victory. florida for romney is a state you don' win it you die. he has to win a lot of other things other than that florida, if he doesn't ss that bar he doesn't win. this has to b encouraging news as they work in iowa, new hampshi and of course ohio. melissa: doug. gerri: doug i was surprised to see what was going on in ohio. "fox news oll". ahead i canot sethat far. this is the tte that romney has to take. >>certainly. there is a lear tihtening after the debates. implore data are you seeing the senate race tight as well? th you srt to see that with the top of te ticket then you have real momentum. up until nowt is a very tight political ce without clear evidence one way or another. gerri: the president makes his sixth appearance calling the death of americans not timal. >> if more aerans get killed in is not otimal. >> hedid not include the qution he said it is not exactly opmal. b
dagen: i am dagen mcdowell. in this opportunity for mitt romney and last night's debate. connell: look at the stock market today. it has been in a tailspin. a bad outlook on the economy. dagen: a bad apple? maybe, maybe not. why the tech giant is pushing ahead with the ipod mini. connell: let's start with the mass of the markets. nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. it is ugly down there. nicole: it is indeed. we sell we were breaking key support levels on the dow and s&p. some technical analyst jumping in right away. when i was talking with mark newman, he was looking and saying that the parish trades pull us to the downside for these major averages. on the s&p 500 he was looking at 13,090. talking about the three names that reported without that united technologies and also dupont. you can see these names coming out and not looking too good. as we see these big names coming out, they are giving forecasts. a lot of these s&p 500 companies are giving forecasts and when they have to lower the expectations. whether it is at the top and or bottom and or hav
no matter what. and governor romney -- >> and you are talking about an entirely different issue. >> not at all. >> it was part of the stimulus plan, rick, quickly though. >> it is not the same as time as 1.9 million per job. ty are long-term changes. >> that exactly the same. it was a stimulus program and they claimed they were going to last and there were 7000 and now 300. >> quick, quick, quick, david, how about trying stable dollar and stop the binge spend more free enterprise in public health and by golly, this country would roar ahead. >> jobs has affected friends of mine and family of mine. i think that is something we need to be paying attention to and it is not just one vote but it is the collective of all of us. >> it is a very important election and important time to be an american. >> no one covered it like neal to the convention and debate. he will be on it right to the end. join neal as he hosts a special live cost of freedom. it is kicking off at 10 a.m.. we'll be back on sunday for a special on sunday. and biggest and brightest name in business and politics all we
and middle class security. and unlike mitt romney, i'm actually proud to talk about what's in it. stuart: all right, well, i am calling this stim plan 2 or son of stim because it looks like the original stimulus plan. desperation maybe. and former clinton advisor, doug schoen is here. i'm saying desperation, you're saying what? >> and bottom line the president had an opportunity in the convention to layout a plan for the future, he hasn't done it. the question you're asking, why two weeks out you would do it if not for a fear he's losing this election. stuart: in fairness he's had the plan for some time and put it into a glossy magazine antrum petting it more. it's a plan, but not pushed it very hard. >> your last point i think is most important. he hasn't talked about it. most campaigns, i've been goodness knows in many of them always want to talk about the future. the president hasn't want today do it, he's wanted to talk about either mitt romney's failings, much of his campaign or a little bit on his accomplishments. this is desperation. >> there's nothing new in this. we've got rich edson
be the residuals of the first debate in which the president did not do well. the fact that mitt romney did from that moment on looked every bit as competent and personable as the president. something is going on. i suspect it has more to do what is not going on with in companies. kimberly-clark, saying it will belaying off workers, and ratchetting down estimates, does this ring a bell? this is looks like a tidalwave, i am not saying it is irreversible for the president. but here is not a lot of time for this president. try as he might, he has his debate points down, but it is mitt romney who is the guy driving his poll numbers up. to iowa, both candidates stomping big time today. and governor of this fine state joining me, i don't think we've even seen the likes of two guys fighting so hard for all of 6 electoral votes, what do you make it was? >> we love being a battle ground state, i think that romney has momentum here. you know, a lot of iowans voted for obama, but they feel disappointed even betrayed he has not been a consensus type of leader, a big concern is that huge increase in the nat
. i think any time he does something like this, the profanity and all the attacks on mitt romney, i think it backfired -- backfires among a different demographic. older voters who might be inclined or who are undecided will look at this and say, that's not for me. why would he do that. as you say, it's on presidential and is -- [talking over each other] gerri: you say this should have been used earlier. i don't think it should have been used at all. >> it's kind of offensive. the only way they can reach out to young women, because this is the demographic they're reaching out to come is to appeal to us through a cheap birth control, sandra fluke and now this at comparing. [talking over each other] gerri: that is the only thing on your agenda. what is the president missing? >> needs to understand that the economy is the number-one issue, does not matter if you are woman or man. the problem is we need jobs. >> but he has no plan. this is all about distracting, turning your attention to something that he thinks you will like instead of a job. it's let them eat cake. gerri: jason. >> the
: thank you. president obama and mitt romney preparing to face off in the third and final presidential debate. the key swing state proves to be a close battle this year. the latest fox news poll shows romney surging and not leading the president. neil cavuto joins us from that very state. hey, neil. neil: hey, dagen. dagen: what will be the focus of the debate tonight? do you think romney will try to move back to, say, domestic issues? you can make it about the american economy and our debt. you can take the middle east and make it about energy supply and our country. neil: i definitely think the economy, he will try to wedge it in. he will constantly pound on the notion that our economic consequences of all this that and everything else have made us and our own security as a compromise did that is something he will likely pound tonight. expect him to leave in their. this pending fiscal cliff, expect to hear a great deal about how that compromises our national security. if i were mitt romney, of course, it would be obvious. even if i were the president, it would be obvious. our own sec
to smack around. the romney camp raised plenty from the same guys, but the fund jz raising specialists say mitt romney doesn't bash them. that's true. what do you think of this? >> it's a branding problem. i think that, unfortunately, the democratic party, the obama administrationampaign has trapped the g.o.p. and mitt romney into a box by saying we are the party that defends the 1%, and in return, we're trying to, you know, keep the tax rates low and no tax hikes so that makes us, in a weird way, backed into a corner defending the 1 #%. that makes us look like we defend the special interests. neil: if that's the case, and, i mean, i know you argue it's not true, come back at say, well, why are you taking money from the same group that is last time we checked the 1%. >> it's the obama spin. a lot of teem -- a lot of people are not like you into the news. everybody catches glimpses, short 30-second 1-minute adds, and they thin that obama -- neil: they can see pot meet kettle; right? they can see hi hypocrisy; righ? >> they can. i think this happened with libya. they are seeing, wow, you are
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